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The most enthralling workshops on personality development, public & english speaking, entrepreneurship development and startup in sales mastery training courses, which involves the curious, young minds developing innovative concepts & expertise, has been conducted by Tareeqa.

We have covered 50+ institutions across India to make participants realise that personality is not a genetic trait that cannot be changed. The fact is, you can transform it & become a much better, happier version of yourself that faces & conquers the challenges with knowledge and ease the real you. 

All our workshops are practical, experiential, role play and activity driven. This ensures the participants learn and upskill themselves in a fun & a very conducive environment. 

We love it when our audience is so excited about what we are delivering that they shout out a question or example, and that happens all the time.

What the audience needs

To know the benefits of getting enrolled in the training course

training & speaking solutions

Our training & speaking solutions are always exciting, interactive and engaging learning experiences.

soft skills

We are experts in a wide variety of soft skills – from simple short introductions to long conversations to presentation etiquettes to leadership to time management to becoming an Alpha to team building skills to body language training, and more.

public speaking

Each student coming to the stage with a big ‘NO’ in their shaking confidence has walked back with a high confidence and a Midas touch in their public speaking.

sales mastery

The necessary techniques on how to take the fear out of selling and get into the head of potential customers to attain sales mastery has captured the attention of the students

goals & expectations

We engage them to thoroughly understand their goals & expectations, challenges and unique ideas by being centred around their needs and delivering a quality session every time.

PROVEN Results – This has been our mantra ! 
If you want to blaze new trails, fix a date and invite  our personality upgradation master, Mr. Anubhav Singh for a workshop & seminar to your esteemed institute. 
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The seminars have encouraged young & future entrepreneurs and leaders that create a high-performance mindset. We are dedicated to helping them grow & scale their personalities and goals with human connection, heart, readiness & mastery. To have real and electrifying skills that creates value, makes a pragmatic difference and separates your charismatic personality from the ordinary crowd.

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