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About Us


To make people realize that it’s never too late for anything ! 

An assurance to the hopes is provided that help you cope up with problems related to hesitation, on stage & off stage fear, rotten attitudes and weak personality traits, and you walk back with the charm in your personality.


We are fortunate to be born as humans. But let’s ask ourselves, is the purpose of our birth only to eat, sleep & work ? Certainly not. We are inter-dependable on each other and thus, to help others we need to make ourselves capable first. Our desire to learn & expand the horizons of our capabilities makes us extraordinary. 

So, it’s our responsibility to thrive to learn, become strong & confident persona to prove assets to the society.


Hi ! We are Tareeqa. We are the optimal platform that trains leadership skills, entrepreneurial skills, public speaking & helps to transform an ordinary personality to an Alpha through veteran and practical result-oriented mentorship. Tareeqa empowers the people from diverse backgrounds, from students to professionals with mastery, skills, capabilities & versatility to become more confident communicators, speakers & leaders. With us, the learning never stops, a wholistic change is aimed in the training sessions that assures the improvement in speaking skills, maximizing the potential for leadership development, enjoy limitless personal growth, work on networking in a supportive domain, build self-confidence & self-awareness and gain competitive advantage anywhere you desire. Only speaking is not enough, you gotta learn how to prepare it. Your personality should itself speak for your body language, first impression & competence. Just say, ' I'm Ready to Attend ! ' and experience everything revolving around, reframing YOU ! It is your ticket to a great career. Our professional approach defines our attitude. Our students are proof enough to speak about what revolution we can bring to your lives.