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Tareeqa empowers the people from diverse backgrounds, from students to professionals with mastery, skills, capabilities & versatility to become more confident communicators, speakers & leaders.

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Walk the journey from – ‘ Individual to Alpha ‘ and experience an Amazing Personality Switch.

You simply gotta bounce off your couches & pounce on the course. The entire course not only promises to transform you from an introvert, stage fearing & bizarre communicator to a very confident Public Speaker, but unbox it, and there’s more to it.

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Get into the head of potential customers by stepping in the Entrepreneurial & Business world with the best road-map prepared.

The focus is on transforming a ‘ Job Seeker to a Job Creator ‘ by ensuring that they don’t begin with an ill-defined Start-up model & Selling Strategies.

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A cogent conversationalist and a master in generating new ideas with incredible impromptu skills, Anubhav Singh has been a public speaking enthusiast ever since his childhood and this passion was only amplified when he pursued his Post Graduate in Statistics and Operation Research from Aligarh Muslim University.

Anubhav Singh is one of the most Influential Motivational Speaker, Personality Development Coach and Founder of Tareeqa Global Solutions, which is committed to inculcate Entrepreneurship and Leadership among people.

As someone who firmly believes in positive holistic development, Anubhav Singh shapes aspiring people into spunky personalities who are inquisitive, creative, and have a zest to face any formidable challenge in life.

Do you feel satisfied with your performance in a class? Nope, not for Anubhav Singh. You can do even better. As a result, his teaching style has been the basis of many success stories at Tareeqa with various students and corporate professionals expressing their wholehearted gratitude for his efforts.

He has successfully engaged a large no.of audience to thoroughly understand their individual mindsets by being centred around their needs in every Seminar & Workshop conducted all around the country.

Anubhav Singh believes that excellence is a habit, neither innate nor attained through overnight work, but imbibed through dedicated efforts. He believes India will truly become a global powerhouse only when the unrealized potential of the boundless talent in the country becomes a force to reckon with.

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